Quelle est la nature de la lumière ? Conférence exceptionnelle de Claude Fabre, Professeur émérite et chercheur au LKB (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel)

Conférence grand public à l’Université Nazarbaïev, le 13 décembre à 15h00

De la part de l’Université Nazarbaïev

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What is the nature of Light ?

We use, manipulate and are subjected to light in our every day’s life. Many technologies in our modern societies make use of the dual (corpuscular and em wave) properties of broadband or phase-coherent light (e.g. lasers). I have the pleasure to announce the following broad-audience seminar on the history of light over the past centuries, from the ancient Greek scientists such as Euclides to the last 20 years Nobel Prize winners in laser sciences. The seminar content will interest not only undergraduates and graduate STEM students but also professors and staff of any NU Schools curious to hear about a brief introduction to classical and quantum light sciences and how they have revolutionized our modern societies since the seminal work on the quantization of light by Paul Dirac (1933 Nobel Prize in Physics).

You are cordially invited to attend the exceptional seminar of Prof Emeritus Claude Fabre, a world-class specialist in classical nonlinear optics and quantum optics, a field of research that uses semi-classical and quantum-mechanical physics to investigate phenomena involving light and its interactions with matter at submicroscopic levels. Prof Fabre is a member of the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS, who has produced as much as 13 Nobel Prize winners in physical sciences, chemistry, literature and economy since 1908). He carries out his research at the Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (joint LKB-ENS / University of Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie). Professor Fabre is one of the pioneering scientists who have evidenced the existence of non-classical (squeezed) states of light in the early 80’s by investigating both theoretically and experimentally the quantum noise properties of Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs) or Amplifiers (OPAs), confirming the early 60’s theoretical predictions of one of the founders of quantum optics, the 2005 Nobel Prize winner Roy J. Glauber.

Host : Jean-Jacques Zondy, associate professor, Nazarbayev University

Venue : Block 9 (room # 9.105)
Time : Wednesday December 13th, 3pm – 4pm.
Seminar title : What is light ? 25 centuries of research in optics and photonics
By : Professor Emeritus Claude Fabre (Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel-ENS/University Paris 6).

Abstract : The seminar will give a quick overview about the evolution of ideas concerning the basic nature of light phenomena, from Euclides in Greece and Mo Zi in China, all the way to the recent Nobel prizes, like Glauber, going through Ibn Al-Haythan in the middle East, Newton, Young and Einstein in Europe. It will expose the recent developments of photonics and highlight the current state of our knowledge of light.